Some old tools, I created in my spare time to help me with various tasks. The software is free, you can download and use it at your own risk.


File utilities

program version os size  
A.F.5 Rename your files 1.1 9x/Me/XP 1080 KB Download now!
Use various easy-to-use functions to rename hundreds of files in a few seconds.
A.F.6 Split your files 2.2 9x/Me/NT4/XP 758 KB Download now!
Split large files into several parts.
A.F.7 Merge your files 1.3 9x/Me/NT4/XP 967 KB Download now!
Merge several files into one single file.
A.F.9 Replace some bytes 1.2 9x/Me/NT4/XP 992 KB Download now!
Replace strings or any other bytes in your files. Use characters, decimal values or hexadecimal values for your search and replace arguments.


System tools

program version os size  
A.F.1 Shutdown your computer 1.6 98/Me/2000/XP 63 KB Download now!
Closes the Windows® operating system and shuts down your computer.
A.F.1 Shutdown your computer 1.5 95/NT4 62 KB Download now!
Closes the Windows® operating system and shuts down your computer.
A.F.2 Restart your computer 1.5 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP 62 KB Download now!
Closes the Windows® operating system and restarts your computer.
A.F.3 Restart the Windows® GUI 1.1 9x 46 KB Download now!
Restarts the Windows® graphical user interface only.
A.F.4 Reboot your computer 1.0 DOS 42 KB Download now!
Performs a warm reboot in DOS.



program version os size  
A.F.8 Digital Clock 3.0 98/Me/XP 185 KB Download now!
Add a customizable clock with alarm function to your desktop. Use it as a clock, countdown timer, reminder or stopwatch.